Problems with papers submitted between June 16th and July 3rd 2017

We discovered an incident with papers submitted between June 16th and July 3rd 2017 . That incident has now been resolved. To make sure that your paper has been received by the review board, please forward your confirmation email with your paper attached to editor-in-chief, Peter Kastberg.  
Posted: 2017-09-04

Call for Papers 2017: Knowledge Transfer and/or/as Knowledge Communication - Promises and Pitfalls


For the 2017 issue of JOOKC we are issuing a call for research articles focusing on knowledge transfer, i.e. “the movement of useful knowledge from one location to another” where it may be “re-used”. Knowledge Management literature is full of statements to the effect that knowledge transfer is a vital component of an organization’s survival and that a successful knowledge transfer strategy provides an organization with a competitive edge. And knowledge transfer is an alluring concept - however, also in many ways a highly problematic one. Some of the basic concerns are fundamental questions yet to be answered:

  • Can knowledge be transferred in the first place? Or is that a contradiction in terms? 
  • Can all knowledge be transferred? And in the same way? 
  • Are there certain situations, contexts, environments, media, etc. which either bar or promote knowledge transfer? 
  • Is successful knowledge transfer measurable? As organizational learning? As change? As profit? And what about un-successful knowledge transfer?
  • Is knowledge transfer just another name for knowledge communication? For Knowledge Management? Or is it a sub-domain of organizational communication? Of organizational learning and/or innovation? 
  • Can successful knowledge transfer be taught? If so: how? If not: why not? 

We, the editors, invite scholars with an interest in the topic of knowledge transfer to submit papers in which conceptualizations of knowledge transfer, as well as the organizational practices they give rise to, are critically examined. We welcome papers with both a theoretical and/or an empirical focus. The extended version of the call for papers for JOOKC # 4 may be found here. Scholars interested in the topic may find their first inspiration in the questions listed above.

Important dates:

  • Deadline for submission: 30 June 2017
  • Feedback from reviewers: 31 August 2017
  • Deadline for re-submission: 13 November 2017
  • Publication date: 18 December 2017
Posted: 2017-02-09

Third issue online!

The Journal of Organizational Knowledge Communication now has its third issue published! Click here to explore a series of papers investigating methods for researching organizational knowledge communication.  
Posted: 2017-01-24

Call for Papers 2016: Methods for Investigating Organizational Knowledge Communication


For the 2016 issue of JOOKC we are issuing a call for research articles focusing on methods for the study and appreciation of organizational knowledge communication practices, processes, or phenomena. In other words, in this third edition of JOOKC we take a closer look at the methodological “how” of organizational knowledge communication research.

We therefore invite researchers with a vested interest in the field of knowledge communication research design to submit papers.

Important dates:

  • Deadline for submission: 30 June 2016
  • Feedback from reviewers: 31 August 2016
  • Deadline for re-submission: 15 November 2016
  • Publication date: 12 December 2016
Posted: 2015-12-15

Second issue now online

Today we are proud to publish our second issue focused on the communication of specialized knowledge in organizational contexts.  
Posted: 2015-12-14

Call for papers 2015 - communicating specialized knowledge


The communication of specialized knowledge is as crucially important as it is ubiquitous in all walks of organizational life. Communicating specialized knowledge is the stock-in-trade of all organizational knowledge workers, be they researchers, human resource officers, lawyers, architects or managers. When these experts, however, communicate their specialized knowledge to actors outside their domain of expertise (be it to, say, other experts, other managers, to clients or new colleagues), something happens to that knowledge. The second issue of the Journal of Organizational Knowledge Communication is dedicated to exploring the question of “what happens when specialized knowledge is communicated to actors outside its context of construction, outside its domain-specific or organizational habitat?”

The theme includes, but is not limited to, the following questions: 

  • What may count as organizational practices enabling successful communication of specialized knowledge? And what does ‘successful’ mean in this regard?
  • What would characterize an organizational communication climate favoring the communication of specialized knowledge?
  • What may count as an interpersonal constellation favoring the communication of specialized knowledge?

Deadline for contributions: May 31st 2015
Feedback from reviewers: August 17th 2015
Deadline for re-submission: November 15th 2015
Publication date: December 14th 2015.

All manuscripts will be subject to a double blind peer review process. Please follow the author guidelines when submitting:

Posted: 2015-01-08

First issue is now online

Today we upload the very first issue of our journal! We believe it to be an important step towards realizing an ambition of providing this emerging discipline with a loudspeaker. With this first issue, we are proud to introduce organizational knowledge communication through different multidisciplinary points of entry.  
Posted: 2014-12-15

Jookc on LinkedIn

The Journal of Organizational Knowledge Communication is now on LinkedIn. Visit our LinkedIn page and click 'follow' to get updates, announcements, and new issues.  
Posted: 2014-12-02

First issue out December 15th 2014

The very first issue of the Journal of Organizational Knowledge Communication will be out on December 15th, 2014! We have decided to personally invite authors to contribute as our goal is to begin the journal with a special issue on the many approaches to and the many perspectives on the intersections of organization, knowledge, and communication. All articles in the first issue will be available to everyone from this site as per the principles of open source academia.  
Posted: 2014-02-23

Advisory group is in place

We are very proud to present the newly formed advisory group for the Journal of Organizational Knowledge Communication! Comprised of highly distinguished members from different academic fields and disciplines all directly engaged with or closely adjacent to research themes at the core of the journal, the advisory board will provide the editorial team with experienced insights.  
Posted: 2014-02-23
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